Monday, August 23, 2010

I had a dream....

I smell of ebullience,
I see smiles all over,
Silhoutte I bode...
Charms me to stop by,
This aura beckons me to peek through the window.....
Well, what is this place called, 
I sound rhetoric, Am I into a dream ?
What is this mystery,
Why no one in distraught,
Why no signs of despairity,
They touch me but I dont feel pain,
A bliss kissed my cheeks and went by,
This surreality hits me,
Not an inch of imperfection around,
This seems like an opulent dream.
Well then I should have woken up by then.....

yeah yeah......................
It was a dream..... Lame donkey's lame dream....
Thoughts take you places, was this foresight or my figments of imagination,
proving yet again that I'm a donkey.

P.S. inspired by the emminent poet's unforgettable poetry 
"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high"

Friday, August 20, 2010

आज फिर घर जाने का मन है !

शायद आज, फिर घर जाने का मन है,
किवाड़ घर का  खुला होगा ,
पापा वही बैठे चाय पी रहे होंगे,
वो अशोक के पेड़ पर कोयल कुछ बोलती होगी,
नीला आकाश अभी भी स्थिर,
छत पर मेरी राह देखता होगा,

आज फिर घर जाने का मन है.

सोचता हूँ उन लम्हों को,
जब धुप सुबह अंगडाई लेते घर आ जाती थी,
वो मंदिर की घंटी कल कल की कम्पन् धुनी रामाती थी,
दूर कहीं मौलवी की अज़ान सुन जब मैं आखें मसलता उत्ठ्ता था,
टेबल लेम्प स्विच ऑन कर, पढ़ते पढ़ते सोता था.
शायद आज, फिर घर जाने का मन है,

क्या आज भी पुलिया पे रंग वही खिलते हैं,
चाय के प्याले, मंद मुस्कान और किस्से कहानियों के दौर क्या आज भी वहां चलते हैं,
बारिश की उन बूँदें क्या आज भी वहां उमड़ती हैं,
उन मीठी बातों पर क्या आज भी कोई हंसी पिरोता है,
उन फीकी गलियों में क्या आज कोई शोर भरता है....
चलो, देख आता हूँ आज, विचिलित मन आज टोह लेना चाहता है,
क्योंकि आज, फिर घर जाने का मन है . 

Friday, July 23, 2010

ये ५ कब बजेंगे !!!!

इस कांच के पिंजरे की चौदहवीं मंजिल की खिड़की से बाहर देख ,
रोज सुबह एक ख़याल दिल में आता है ,
वो छोटी सी चिडया पंख फैलाई नीले आसमान में उडती है...
पास की डेस्क पर पडा बेचैन मोबाइल रह रह कर वाइब्रेट हो रहा है ,
मिठाई की ललक से उठकर दूर की डेस्क पर जा कर लोग फीकी सी बधाई बाँट रहे हैं
कुछ मायूस उँगलियाँ , ज़िन्दगी का गम जावा कोड में दर्ज कर रहीं हैं
कुछ आउटिंग तो , कुछ बिचिंग कर बोझ कम कर रहे हैं ,
दिल में एक ख्वाइश सी जगी है , पलकें भारी और सांस थम रही हैं
और मैं कभी स्क्रीन को तो कभी टास्क बार की घडी को देखता हूँ
इंतज़ार करता हूँ , की ये ५ कब बजेंगे !

कॉफ़ी ठंडी  हो  चली , डेस्क  के  कोने  पर  सुस्त  पड़ी  है
ज़िन्दगी की फिलोसफी  कह कहों में कहीं  फ़सी  है 
दीवारों के  पोस्टर उन्माद  की  चादरों से  ढकें  है ,
पर  व्याकुल मन  डेस्कटॉप पर  पड़े फोल्डर्स छान  रहा है ,
ये रंग सारे स्थिर से  क्यूँ हो  चलें ,पता नहीं
शायद  इनको भी थोडा छलकने  का मन हो.
और मैं, कभी आसमान तो कभी टास्कबार की घडी को देखता हूँ .
सोचता हूँ , ये  ५ कब  बजेंगे !

P.S. Thanks to my dear friend. Mr Yogi. For his unending and unwanted inputs. This poetry wouldn't have been this good, had you not interfered in my thoughts. Also thanks to Balika Vadhu, without her I wouldn't have written sob sob sob..... !!!!

arrgh.. damn, no more than this.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


An incident in my life worth mentioning.....
DISCLAIMER: All characters in here are non-fictional in characters.....and the incident impacted their lives gravely.

Dolly : our Maid.
Chittu: Not so best roomie of mine.
Me: your very own Lame Donkey

KB: Kaala Bandar

Dolly mopping floors in her regular dashing style, I pushing weights around, Chittu for a change waking up early(as early as 0630 AM) and here in front of me stood a 3.5 feet long monkey. A wide eyed, two carnivorous tooth protruding out giving here a DRACULA look. Dolly as always got excited.... "Bhaiya Bhaiya Bandar !!!". yeah..yeah, I CAN SEE THAT !!!
Straight I pulled out my BAT. He charged and I ran out of the house, rescuing DOLLY (Dolly meanwhile had an expression as if saying to monkey "yes !! monkey man, I can bear you a KAALA BANDAR JUNIOR). Under Seized !!! One damn monkey has under seized our house. This monkey got balls to throw all of us out of the house.

MR. KB now opens refrigerator. charging me in between. eats eggs,......cut to DOLLY. "BHAIYA BHAIYA BANDAR, andar jaaney do.......humko". :| He's ate eggs, drank milk.....moves to kitchen...its turn for pulses. We went in.....he charges us again he takes one egg roams around like a free willy ("An egg in my hand, I feel like a MAN").... the stalemate continues..... and then all of a sudden he leaves. We barge in and I had a smile as if I had beaten arses of terrorist. (Guess I should get some kind of bravery award for the rescue.)

Kaala Bandar finally left. But he taught this lame donkey some important lessons/observations

1. Bandar's are non veggies. damn...He ate my eggs...and it hurts. (I mean the poultry farm ones)
2. Dolly mopped the floor with the same cloth with which she cleared the broken eggs. So whole of my apartment is mesmerized by fragrance of eggs.
3. This one is free from my side... Monkeys have balls as big as size of "HAAPUS MANGOES"!!!

P.S. leaving you with one of the posters which was released by our own Delhi police when Monkey Man prowled on streets of Delhi.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ranting up at midnight

I have been tired of these intermittent write ups. Trust me, nothing frustrates more than being intermittent in something you really want to pursue religiously. A prolonged  break, perhaps from everything I love (:|). So what was I up to in last few months, well I'm sure none of you would be interested in spilling out what a lame donkey does, when more importantly Mr. Rahul is getting wooed by 15 brightest and perfect brides of India. When balika vadhu is putting on ounces of fat (read overfed) during those strenuous workout sessions... oops I meant shootouts, when some prominent news channels show the wry smile on Mr. Rathore's face even pestering it to an extent of preservation, when chota family pack bachaan is trying hard to become the next superhero Mr. Bingo, and when Mr Veer wearing those peach coloured jeans in 18th century is shown pulling out balls of  atrocious Britishers weighing 5 kg each. (read "5 ser gosht"), When skimpily covered cleavages, forgettable,adorably sweet women try their luck being DESI.
The DONKEY can be easily forgotten amidst all the spice that surrounds us today.
Still this donkey opines, that the world will be a better place if asses like me rant over at a consistent pace. This time its the media which has caught my attention. And this logically explains the gaudy premise I had set up above earlier. I'm intrigued by the behaviour of weird channels presenting us with as weird soaps and undies, spicy news right from cataclysmic results of big bang experimentation with repercussions felt worldwide such as "TABAAHI.

The donkey within me is intrigued about the way our current media perceives things around.  I'm parched  from some good news or is there any ?