Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An endless wait !!!!!

I love you with all my heart and soul, it’s an epiphany that comes around,
so near then suddenly walks out that door.
It realizes me what you (me) can loose dear, if that you walked out of my life.
I swear here, my beautiful nymph,
I wont leave you at any point off time,
Will lift you up from agony and angst,
will wipe your tears and keep them as pearls,
on an only condition, be my wife,
trust me I wont leave you in lurch,
will obey you like slave,
will fulfill your dreams and lighten up your caves.
Promise you, you my angel you would never shred a drop of tear.
I will create a utopia with absence of fears.
Anything for you, i will cut my life,
lie down in those rough paths and do whatever you want.
This cadence i wrote not to impress but to show how much I love you,
though these words won’t find their meaning until you say that blissful 'yes'.
For the matter of my existence, it is important,
that you be ‘mine’, though this world waits for you.
All I can say I will wait forever.

A Free Soul

my words have turned cliche,
still every verse I speak is true,
pain seems abated......,
thoughts got cremated,
hollow minds and shallow hearts........
I bid ADIEU.
I start afresh my path seems bright.....
I got my wings back, nothing for me to slack,
(I thought “I have every star in sight”, whatever)
I wanna fly high, wanna touch these sky's
Hold on you tears.......I refute your propsition to cry,
couldn't hold myself anymore,
a blissful thought just now touched my core....
here i bid goodbye,
farewell to all the chores..dont wait for me, i might now turn upon the शोर

and one food for thought
the ability to reason overpowers every disability

Perfect Room

Tableaux I see from those old panes,
A painting forlorn and forgotten on that stained wall,
Embellished portico with wind chimes all around,
Few frames on that dust laded table,
Carrying snaps from my childhood to adolescence,
Some notes still incomplete with those ink stains.
Those papers that once were snowy have grown yellow.
It seems that coffer was never used; still it bemuses of what it stores,
Those charismatic carving it adorns.
The carpet still feels the same,
Warm and cozy beneath the feet,
That wrought iron bed untouched as ever,
That mauve colored lamp lies all aloof,
It’s a perfect cascade, a perfect ‘leit motif’
It’s perfect as it was to be,
For everything except me fits in; for everything I ever kept cherishes its tranquillity.
A vicissitude, came and gone.
A transition that was inevitable.
Still this cell seems pristine, I can still smell paint brush colours,
I can still see those flourishing climbers.
Still this cell smells of compassion and ebullience.
Still this smells of love and hope.
It’s on an edge of oblivion,
I’m back again from an eidetic experience.............I left long ago,
I missed you all under those predicament,
With spatial existence........here I stand,
Back again within a perfect room,
I have returned here after a voyage unexplored,
To enunciate my story, across the globe,
I’m back again from an eidetic experience.............I left long ago,
Back again to a perfect room,