Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dedicated to my DAD

Because you were there.......
I do remember, when I was a kid, standing in those lonesome premises,
You came from nowhere, and treated me with those icy orange sticks,
When you took me out for those breezy walks,
When you inhibited my fears from ghosts and nightmares,
When I cried the whole night and you held me in those arms,
It’s still all afresh; it’s still all grey,
When you helped me climb that bicycle,
When I twisted my wrist and you gave me a bear hug.
I still remember, those wary nights, when I clasped you hard and you comforted me with love and warmth.
You stood by me, when I failed; you remained awake all night near that hospital bed.
You gave me money veiling it from mom; you became my best friend when we played in the dorm.
You taught me to stand by myself; you enunciated in that broken English to guide me through.
Those weird math classes when you beat me black and blue, But I still owe a billion thanks to you,
I remember,
My apprehensions, my skepticism, flew by when you were around.
Your smile soothed my injuries; I flocked around and flourished in your sunshine.
In the morning, when you brought me tea, and you prepared my uniform to set me free.
You got me quill, you mentored dreams, you taught me its not impossible as the world seems….
I owe you my life, I owe you my dreams, I owe you my story,

Perhaps this world of mine would not have been so opulent, had you not there been…….
Thanks Dad, for being there.

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.
- Anonymous