Monday, August 10, 2009

Rediscovering Myself !!!

"Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change. But pretty soon, everything's different."
- Bill Waterson (creator Calvin and Hobbes)

Indeed agreeing in tandem to the weird epiphany sighted above, that seems to continue to the eternity.
I don’t want to sound nostalgic, but perhaps the it’s ubiquitous to find everyone around having a trip down the memory lane, smiling back on those sweet sour memoirs, some beautiful, elegant, some notoriously high, overshadowed , poignant and considerably coming in all kind of colours and flavours. Woah………. And you wish not to come back out of those times.

Our ideas mutate with time. Yes, I reiterate "mutate", a fact we as human beings would seldom realise. Trying to cocoon ourselves in comfort and soundness of societal norms which bind at least ourselves. Perhaps that’s what we should do, right?

Rhetoric I may sound, but isn't it the way we have dwelled ourselves all through the journey, what we call 'life' ? Isn't it what we have always done……? Just by simply turning a blind eye to a fight on street, passing by without even listening to the plight of the destitue, not even once standing for a cause that might help someone in need, and I can sight another hundred examples which prove the whole situation as a mere farce created by us to cocoon ourselves from ravages of life.

Certainly nothing seems to change but its generic the viewpoint of us which changes the contour all around. What we had perceived once has changed and perhaps dying a slow death, an euthanasia given by the homo sapients to their dreams which they thought would would change if not the world a particular section of the society. Alas, I being their latest victim.

The reveries that once was a part of my day to day activity, certainly has lost its heat when the apt time came in to realise them.
If not at the epitome of success, I still find myself in comforter of a good job, a good salary, and certainly I cannot complaint on the front what my good education has given to me; And certainly that’s what I was supposed to do, isn't it ?
In literal terms, I nearly botched up my aspirations, gave them a reason to procrastinate and flush out ideas which I could have pursued long ago. Its common to lose out streak of what we have been doing, and justify it by saying why complicate matters when all I've done till now reaps me benefits walking straight. So, really having a different perception complicating matters ? Yes, I agree it does complicate the whole aura of my life, an amenable thought that zeal's me in an out is; have I done things which could have lead to chasing my aspirations? Yes I have but still, (a room for butt) I find myself too distracted to really pull myself out of the mundane activities I do and complete what once I thought would revolutionize, if not the whole world, at least a section of downtrodden. What if I could have performed a rock show somewhere around the campus and formed my own band. What if I could have authored a book, become an entrepreneur, directed a movie ;), a photographer, part of dramatics and the checklist seems endless. The answer to all these is too plebeian and hypothetical to write, It’s a big 'no' because I never even tried doing any of these. Most of us don't, lets say even confer to what they have lost. I perceive them as zombies flocking in faithless communities of societal (read suicidal) science.
"There mind proliferated with someone else's ideas, their souls auctioned long ago and ideas someone else' property……" notably said by Amartya Sen.
Its enervating yet it’s a prerogative to put in efforts for what you have envisioned long ago, find yourself chasing them up, living for your aspirations, creating what none might have done, and perhaps changing the world around as what you have perceived, and envisaging something you once hope would bring about change. Its challenging, but isn't it what once we thought life is all about, living those challenges every day rather than incarcerating one self in faithless things around ?
That’s a question you should ask yourself. A never-ending quest, that changes the course of life that contains nothing surreal but your dreams once you envisaged with your eyes opened and vowed to realise them.
"You got a dream. You got to protect it. People can't do something themselves, they want to tell you can't do it. If you want something, go get it. Period."

P.S: Yes, and as far as I'm concerned, this part of my life is called "Rediscovering myself !!!". Happy reading