Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It feels......!!!

It feels as
if a meteorite hit me,
I just had a stroke,
the ginger tea tasted as bad as those egg whites today.
it feels as if, the berserk within me just cried for a while,
it feels the void just went a little more vile,
The headache was never such bad, the chasm felt never so deep,
It seems I'm missing you,most certainly I'm.

It feels as
if the satire is winning,
it seems I want to read Shakespere,
It seems I missed a few  beats,
the maggi has gone bland and chicken tikka seems tasteless
The morning was never so breezy, though it was missing the pun.
Aloof I lie down and the TV seemed bored.
Might be it wanted to start a conversation.....
It seems I'm missing you, most certainly I'm.

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