Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When will it strike 5 ?

When would it be 5 ?
I yawned while sending out a mail,
My work speed seems synonymous to snail.
A near flash on my screen, 'you've got mail'
It says,Sweets at me desk.. please help yourself.
My calorie meter is just about to explode,
I can read my manager's eyes, I could well forebode.
I can see few sharing gossips,
few competing with desktop screen...
And then I stare back to the taskbar watch and stare at the window,
Wonder, When would it be 5 ? sigh.....

I can well see a cappuccino turn icy,
I can see rejoices on the conference call,
I can see discussions for releases, few tense faces on the ground,
I can hear guitar ringing down my ears.
Here comes Aerosmith, dream on o'dear.
Thou shall be penalised someday, somewhere....
I turn back to the wall clock, its 5... is it a dream, is it a nap?
No its 5 PM...Sharp
Hurray !! I pack my bags up and start down to walk...
I realize then and there loads of stare seem to stalk, 
O'dear O'dear !!! You have just seen the Singapore Clock.

P.S. The ode is a true story of a poor soul on one of the Monday blues.
       Re-written for an internal organization magazine :)


  1. Hahhaha.. I can so relate to it... I guess every ass working in an IT firm has been there atleast once...

    Buntu.. Y in the world dont u write often??
    waiting desperately for another post..


  2. thanks Sibbs. Been hard to keep up the tempo