Saturday, August 6, 2011

Monday Blues - I

Sunday Morning 0830 AM :
Indira Gandhi Terminal - 3: Nikks hugged me. Here she goes,
* mujhe miss mat karna
* dhyan rakhna apna
* don't worry too much about me....
Demon within me: "Come on! just few more minutes to hear all these rants." Even the berserk within is afraid of good byes.
I, certainly hate these good bye hugs. As lame as Most Desirable with Sammy Grey-balls.
I could hardly keep my concentration on her voice. It was her eyes what I was glued to.
Somewhere on a giant television screen came a loan ad; "Jab ghar mein pada ho Sona tab kahe ko rona". It was a cacophony that marred me.
Arrghhh - I'm gonna blast. Promptly I said: "Ok !! Bbye.".
Demon within me: "loser !!! you shouldn't have said this, wrong timing, teri toh lag gayi @#$%."
Nikks: "Accha Bbye... accha apna dhyaan rakhna". Oops she does it again. "Yeah, Nikks!! I'll take care myself", I think I just left, thinking now, I feel I should have stayed for a while.
There she goes......I feel knocked out.

Back ground: awwwwww !!!
planes ki गर्जन !!!
Damn !!! I hate this. I hate Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge too and I definitely hate kids (a different story, later!)

I'm all alone in the cab !!! Lets go driver.
Sunday Afternoon 01:30 PM:
Galleria, Subway:
Eating has always been my favourite past time. When I get bored, I eat. When I'm sad, I eat. When I'm happy, I eat. Technically I eat whenever, wherever whatever comes my way.
Today, the check list had ticks on all the boxes. I still didn't feel like eating.

Demon within: Wooohhh !!!! I couldn't control lets hog, lets attack, lets screw this sandwich.
So I eat. The bread seemed dry, as dry as those female models beauty creams ads, before they haven';t found that magical cream....and coke actually shook my belly.

"dhin ta chika, din the chika ...... he he he he". A famous song from ready almost broke my admiration to a void.
I could well see a morbid fat guy with 3 foot long subs attending the call.
मोटू मास्टर है टोटल डिसास्टर ! I could well relate to this song from Udaan movie.

Amidst all the incoherent thoughts rolling my head, a glitter caught my attention, lightening struck my eyes. Actually nothing as such happened, it was a call on my mobile, ahaan..Dr. Ashish Calling !!!

to be continued.............

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  1. I love that demon voice of yours... U should listen to it often...

    Question: Where has she gone to??